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Fantastic Resource

"My son began using Recreation Therapy interventions through C Hope Health Services in April 2016. I had been facing some difficulties in my son’s behaviors at home and in school. Through this experience of implementing Recreational therapy, C Hope has influenced my son to be more active. This has allowed him to focus his energy in a brand new way. His behaviors will need continued monitoring and therapy, but they continue to decrease. C Hope has been efficient, professional, organized, and a fantastic resource. "

M. Fabre 

Assess with a Purpose

"I have observed Wesley implement leisure activities, which has helped individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, learn new skills and create positive opportunities through the use of games, crafts, music, and exercise. Wesley has thoroughly assessed individuals for a positive leisure lifestyle and activities with a purpose that has enhanced behaviors for daily living and community involvement."

Lakisha Page

Professional and Experienced

"Wesley is an admirable professional who is always willing to learn and try new ideas and share them with others. He has excellent interpersonal skills and initiative. His experience, passion, and accountability allow him to deliver world class treatment and service each and every time. "

Dr. Mary Ann Aquadro, Ph, D., CTRS

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